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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 18, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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this is "world news." tonight, fleeing the fire. 8,000 families put on high alert tonight. told to pack and get ready. thousands already evacuated as the wildfire nearly doubles in size this weekend alone. our team is right there. in her own words. for the first time, we hear from the 12-year-old girl attacked by a black bear. and new details tonight on another dramatic rescue, night vision goggles, 36 hours to get to a man attacked in the woods.r the kiss seen around the world tonight. the two russian runners who win the relay, and then this. after a crackdown on gays before the olympics. what happened to them now? and it was a long shot. this young man from the heartland tonight and what he was about to win, if only he could make this shot. "world news" starts now.
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a sunday night. and we do begin tonight with what will be a tense evening ahead for thousands of families who have been told to be at the ready, that their homes could be next. as that wildfire in the west has now doubled in size. even the emergency tents set up in idaho sit in the shadow of the thick plumes of smoke tonight. from the sky, helicopters do s dousing the flames, even before the sun came up. on the ground this sunday, more of those elite crews of firefighters arriving. the hotshot teams hiking toward the fires now. and here's what they're up against tonight. more than 2,300 homes evacuated. almost 8,000 more told to start packing. 700 firefighters, as the blaze burns across 160 square miles, just 9% contained tonight. and this beaver creek fire is just one of 42 large fires now burning across 11 states. abc's aditi roy is on the scene,
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reporting in from idaho tonight. >> reporter: it is a race against time. those 700 firefighters battling the blaze. today, winds whipped the flames, as reinforcements arrived. five elite hotshot teams joining the fight on the ground with air support overhead. across the fire zone, residents are packing up and getting out. >> you never stop thinking about, am i going to lose my house? >> so now, it's just kind of -- wait and see what happens. you can't control it. >> reporter: roads are jammed with traffic as thick smoke and ash clogs the air. our affiliate reporter from kivi, roland beres, is on the ground and says residents are on edge. >> local pharmacists say they've seen a huge run on face masks like this one, although that may change, after local health experts told the community that these really don't do anything to protect against heavy smoke like that. bad news for asthmatics who have been having a really tough time and are buying up inhalers as fast as pharmacies can stock them. >> reporter: insurance companies
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are sending in their own crews to protect homes. and ski resorts are turning on snow-making equipment for several hours a day, hoping to protect their mountains as the fire continues to burn out of control. officials are getting ready to send planes like this military c-130 out to the scene. it's been specifically retrofitted to fight fires. that orange nozzle that you see right behind me there? it can drop up to 3,000 gallons of retardant. david? >> just a huge team there on the ground. aditi, thanks to you. i want to bring in abc meteorologist ginger zee, who is also tracking this tonight. and ginger, you were telling me, this could get worse before it gets better. >> yeah, the fire forecast not that great, david. i want to show you, red flag warnings and fire watches all the way from california up to montana. and there's a reason why these extend to the midweek. we have this low pressure system coming onshore in central and northern california. that's going to dump thunderstorms. you would think that sounds good, but it's not. you get gusty winds out of them. and it will track up through
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idaho and parts of utah, too. all the areas that have fires could see more. >> and we are tracking the flooding on the other sidle of the country tonight. this is from biloxi, mississippi, the truck tearing through the water there. and from panama city, florida, tonight, this apartment complex, completely flooded out. and ginger, these totals are really something. >> this is beyond the annoyance level and now it's to almost dangerous. people are losing their property. and places like gulfport, mississippi, today, six inches in less than two hours, so, it comes down fast and, i wish i could tell you it's over, but it's not. that stationary front still sitting there for the next two days at least. however much rain does it mean? two to three inches in the red zone, from mobile into parts of the florida panhandle, right there, just north of atlanta. >> all right, ginger zee with the whole picture tonight. ginger, thank you. now to the spike in bear attacks we told you about last night here. this is the time of year when they start preparing for hibernation, looking for food. and tonight here, the 12-year-old girl attacked in michigan, describing the horror for the first time. here's abc's linzie janis again tonight. >> reporter: 12-year-old
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abby wetherell has been home from the hospital for just a few hours and she's bravely talking about the moment she was attacked by a bear, as she was jogging home from her grandparents' house. >> i take off running from the direction i came from and it just -- it got me and it tackled me down and it clawed me and stuff. and then it kind of walked away a little bit. and then, so, i got up and started running again. and then it came back and got me and then i was -- i just thought, i should play dead. and so, i heard that you should do that. and then, so, i was just laying there and then it went away. >> reporter: and what was going through her mind? did she think she'd survive? >> no, i didn't. i was like, oh, my gosh. i'm going to -- this is it. i'm going to die. when it came back the second time, it kind of stopped, so, i kind of petted it and -- that did not work. so, then it just mauled me, i think worse.
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>> reporter: abby suffered deep gashes and puncture wounds to her thighs and back. also tonight, an alaskan hunter is similarly lucky to be alive after a bear attack. it happened in the alaskan brooks range, within the arctic circle. nearly 300 miles from civilization. so remote, the rescue helicopter needed to be refueled midair. rescuers with night vision goggles finally reached the victim 36 hours after the attack. and abigail wetherell as she says she plans to get back to her hobbies of jogging, soccer and hunting as soon as she possibly can. a very brave girl, david. >> we're glad she's okay. thank you, linzie. we should mention to everyone that we'll sit down with abigail wetherell tomorrow morning on "good morning america." that's tomorrow morning, right here on "gma." in the meantime, overseas tonight and to egypt now, where this sunday, for christians there, it was a day of fear, as they headed to services. and tonight, the images now emerging from the museums. the egyptian treasures, destroyed, too. abc's muhammad lila reporting
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from cairo again tonight on the crisis in egypt. >> reporter: it's a city divided by neighborhood. here, supporters of the muslim brotherhood. there, armed vigilantes against it. with the country on edge, christian, who make up about 15% of the population, nervously made their way to sunday service. even the country's priceless antiquities haven't been spared. at one of egypt's national museums, shattered glass, an ancient sarcophagus damaged and priceless statues destroyed. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: all of this as the obama administration struggles with how to respond. on "this week" with george stephanopoulos, growing bipartisan opposition to continuing u.s. aid. >> i think the actions of the last week, no doubt, are going to cause us to suspend aid. >> i would cut off aid. i would, however, engage in intense diplomacy in egypt and in the region. >> reporter: david, the death of more than 35 brotherhood members in police custody in disputed
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circumstances will only keep tensions here sky high. david? >> muhammad, thank you. in syria this evening, a team of u.n. inspectors is now on the ground, on the hunt for proof of chemical weapons. the government has promised to cooperate. the inspectors will now visit three areas. both the government and the rebels accusing the other side of using chemical arms. and from london this evening, where the headlines this sunday were all about princess diana and this new conspiracy theory about the crash that took her life. scotland yard now looking into it, as we learn here more about where this latest theory came from. abc's nick schifrin, again from london tonight. >> reporter: it's the conspiracy theory that won't die. princess diana and boyfriend dodi fayed killed not because of the paparazzi or a drunk driver, but because someone wanted them dead. and tonight, police investigating a new claim that diana was murdered by british special forces. the allegation source? a former soldier's estranged in-laws who just recently called police.
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>> whenever you bring in stories about special forces, personnel, then immediately you've got the prospect of a red hot story. and there's a little bit of a conspiracy theorist in all of us, probably. >> reporter: all the conspiracies were debunked by three investigations, but that's never stopped the critics, including fayed's dad. >> it's all made up as a cover-up, 100%. >> reporter: but come on. she died 16 years ago. there's been no evidence of any cover-up. can't we just put this to rest? not so fast, says diana's former private secretary. >> the world should still care about diana, because her death leaves an unfillable gap. >> reporter: she was the princess who braved mine fields. i week, visited angola in his mother's footsteps. for years, he'd carried and her legacy. all of us still fascinated by how shes3h4w lived and how she . nick schifrin, abc news, london. >> nick, thank you.
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and to south africa tonight, where olympic sprinter oscar pistorius will be back in court tomorrow on what would have been his girlfriend's 30th birthday. abc's rob nelson in south africa, where police are growing more confident about their case. >> reporter: tomorrow, our first look at the formal case against oscar pistorius. nicknamed "the blade runner," pistorius will face charges in the death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, who was shot multiple times through the bathroom door of his mansion. prosecutors say it was murder. pistorius says he mistook reeva for an intruder. >> what is state is now going to do, they want to show that he's a violent person. that he's a gun-toting hot head, is the portrait they're going to paint of this man. >> reporter: prosecutors say that reeva retreated to the bathroom after a fight with pistorius. our "20/20" team built a replica of the crime scene earlier this year, with essential questions still looming about pistorius' side of the story. how did he grab his gun from the side of the bed without noticing
5:41 pm
reeva was no longer there? >> we're talking about the dark of night. >> reporter: joe jackson, a defense attorney, speaking with amy robach, offered one explanation pistorius' defense could use. >> his attention, rightfully, is focused on what could be an intruder and the end of his life as well as her life. >> reporter: meanwhile, police told us today their case is ready. >> we are confident that what we have, will -- as it will come out in court -- show that, indeed, mr. oscar pistorius has a charge to answer to. >> reporter: pistorius has pleaded not guilty and is free on bail. we could also learn monday exactly when this trial will begin, although it is expected to start sometime early next year. if pistorius is convicted, he faces a life sentence with a minimum of 25 years behind bars. david? >> reason rob nelson in south africa tonight. rob, thank you.@< back here at home this evening, and to a comeback story on a night when we sure needed one. a young man who survived that
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horrific shooting spree at a movie theater in aurora, colorado, and the vow he made when i first met him in that hospital room. we will never forget the young man we met after the aurora álhl massacre, after being given access to the intensive care unit there. allowed to visit stephen barton, shot in the neck, in the arm, in the face. steve. >> hey, how's it going? >> reporter: how are you? the syracuse university graduate had just given his commencement address and was biking across country. stopping in aurora to see a movie. at that speech he gave while graduating, he was holding his camera, talking about the power of an image to remember life's most powerful moments. >> capturing the most meaningful moments of my life. >> reporter: in fact, on that fateful night, he took a photo of his movie ticket and posted it. and now we see this -- >> yeah. >> reporter: -- which is an -- it's an image of survival. >> yeah. definitely. i'm very, i'm very glad. i feel very blessed. >> reporter: blessed, he told me, to have survived the shots to his neck. he showed me the wounds. too many to count. and while we were there, we learned he was about to be moved from intensive care.
5:43 pm
>> i have these very long scars now that are going to be on my neck. and i'm kind of like, i kind of like that, because every morning, you know, i can look in the mirror and see those scars and be reminded, you know, like, you know, you have to -- you have to live life to the fullest. >> reporter: he's going to get out of the icu soon, maybe? >> yeah, i think so. i think so. >> reporter: is he supposed to hear that? >> well, he's probably already heard that. >> reporter: he's got his bike right outside the door. he told me he would finish that bike trip one day, after getting out of that hospital, though, he was also determined to spread the word of gun violence. >> i was shot. shot in the face and neck. but i was lucky. in the next four years, 48,000 americans won't be so lucky. ask yourself -- who has a plan to stop gun violence? >> reporter: and tonight, the final part of his plan. back on that bike, back in aurora to finish the trip with his friend, ethan, both having survived that horror. >> it's a huge sense of closure. i'm excited to get on the road and just, i guess, leave the
5:44 pm
town behind and head west. i can't wait to ride over the golden gate bridge. i can't wait to see the pacific ocean. that's going to be a huge piece of closure. >> reporter: tonight, finishing his trip, just as determined as he was with me in that hospital room. when are you getting back on the bike? >> that's a great question. we've got about 1,200 miles left. so, i think we're probably going to finish this trip, you know, another summer. we're definitely going to finish it. >> so great to see stephen back on that bike. and he's using the final part of his trip to raise money for survivors of the shootings with the most serious life-long injuries. there is still much more ahead here on "world news" this sunday night. the controversial kiss rocketing around the world tonight. the two russian athletes who won their relay and then kissed, in a country cracking down on gays before the olympics. what happens to them now? and the other controversial picture tonight. parents of the year? well, they thought it was a good idea. the children riding the backhoe
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5:48 pm
kissing after winning a women's relay. then again at the podium, accepting a gold medal at the world championships in moscow. was it in protest of russia's anti-gay law, banning so-called gay propaganda? russian officials reportedly said it was just a celebratory kiss. in june, the russian law made it illegal to speak about gay issues around minors or even display similar bomb symbols like a rainbow flag in public, fueling concerns over next year's olympics there. would gay athletes be targeted? even president obama weighed in. >> and if russia doesn't have gay or lesbian athletes, then it probably makes their team weaker. >> reporter: russia's sports minister saying the law won't enfringe upon private lives, just private display. a russian athlete echoes his remarks. >> we are against publicity, but we are of course not against about every choice of every single person. >> reporter: now, a swedish athlete protesting by painting her nails in rainbow colors. the russian sports minister hasn't said whether olympic athletes would be prosecuted if
5:49 pm
making statements that violate the new law. and david, those women aren't comments. >> all right. gio, thank you. when we come back, would you let your kids do this? this is a backhoe tonight, and yes, they are dunking children in the lake. is it novel or is it nuts? you decide, when we come back. the blisters were oozing, and painful to touch. i spent 23 years as a deputy united states marshal and i've been pretty well banged up but the worst pain i've experienced was when i had shingles. when i went to the clinic, the nurse told me that it was a result of having had chickenpox. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already.
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this shot from half court. check it out. he shoots, he scores. 18-year-old marcus burden paid off this semester's tuition with that shot. $11,000. first time a student has ever made the shot during the school's welcome week challenge. way to go, marcus. earns a 4.0 for that. now, the man who says he was out to prove a point to facebook by hacking mark zuckerberg's page. he says he tried to call them first, to point out a security glitch to facebook that allows anyone to post on a stranger's wall, hoping to collect that $500 reward they offer to people who detect bugs. when he didn't hear back, he hacked in instead. no reward and his account has now been suspended. and we ask you, parent of the year? look at this, the backhoe and the dunk in the lake. we couldn't believe it today. three kids sitting in the bucket of a backhoe, getting dunked in the water. they tear right through that lake. through the air at high speeds and right back in, right under water.
5:53 pm
the kids appear to be living it when they emerge back from underneath the water. the video making a splash online tonight, i'm sure for many reasons. when we come back on "world news," the drama inside the white house we never knew about. the man taking a stand on behalf of the butlers, right before a state dinner and what happened, of the butlers, right before a state dinner and what happened, next. my mantra? tr instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping;
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finally, with the new movie "the butler" leading the way this weekend, we meet someone that knows it well. a white house butler that began at 20, but who would take a stand behind those white house walls. here's abc's reena ninan. >> you hear nothing. you see nothing. >> reporter: in the new movie, "the butler," hollywood highlights the life of eugene allen. one of the men who serve the first family behind the scenes. it's a life bill hamilton can relate to. he was part of the same staff that inspired the film. >> they were like family. it was really a family affair. >> reporter: he's been working here since he was just 20. retiring at age 75 this past summer. >> nixon resigned from the presidency, that was a hard time and i didn't think i would be there. when the president was assassination happened. and to get the first black president, i didn't think that
5:57 pm
would ever happen in my lifetime. >> reporter: hamilton has served every president from eisenhower to obama, working as the head storekeeper. what are some of the items that have been popular among presidents over the years? >> clinton loved beef, and hamburgers and stuff. and i know 41 didn't like broccoli. >> reporter: no broccoli. >> broccoli could not be served at the white house. >> reporter: one of hamilton's proudest moments came during one of the most painful period in american history. what was it like being a black man in the white house during the civil rights movement? >> oh, it was very hard. they were promoting other people and weren't promoting blacks. >> reporter: so hamilton gave the johnson white house an ultimatum, on behalf of the black butler staff. they wanted more pay, or they wouldn't work at a state dinner. >> we're not going to work the state dinner. this is the only way we're going to get a raise. two days later we had our raise. >> reporter: as one of the lead characters in "the butler," oprah winfrey was awed by their courage. >> the grace and nobility that it took to do that, to hold your head up every day. i just have a greater sense of
5:58 pm
pride for those men and that time. >> reporter: a time hamilton says he'll never forget. five decades of white house memories. reena ninan, abc news, washington. >> we salute bill hamilton tonight. we hope it's a great retirement. "good morning america," first thing in the morning. diane sawyer right back here tomorrow night. hope you have a great week ahead. good night.
5:59 pm
man fell 100 feet from a bay area golf course today. what a man in jail said about this relationship with a missing bay area woman. and a look at the possible extreme weather we could face in the days ahead. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> carolyn: thanks for joining us. i'm in tonight for ama daetz. a man connected to a missing woman case is opening up about their relationship. he is talking from jail. sandra coke's family reported her missing august 4th. here's what the map authorities call a person of interest has to say. >> from behind the walls of the jail, the man who remains a person of interest in the
6:00 pm
disappearance and death of criminal defense investigator sandra coke, spoke exclusively with the bay year news group. randy alana is in jail for parole violations, including not charging his gps, resisting arrest and having contact with sandra coke. on friday his parole was revoked. alan na has a long criminal past, stay-away order to keep him from seeing coke but he said the two were in a loving relationship, and, quote, we won'tly talk about getting married. coke's family denies the twod hd any involvement since dating years ago. why would be or anyone else believe what he has to say? but alap na claims when he was not in jail, he was living with coke. sharing her north oakland home. when i showed his photo to neighbors who didn't want t


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